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I am your host, the bum marketer. Today I'm going to introduce you to something that I've been living off of, or maybe you should say, making a living off of, for quite some time now. It's called Bum Marketing. And while some have claimed Bum Marketing is dead, I can assure you that it is not in fact dead, it's been re-invented. Sure, article sites are not the best ways to get free traffic anymore. And no, you can't use a free blog like blogger and expect to make money on the internet in 2020 that's for sure. But that doesn't mean that bum marketing is dead, quite the contrary, it's alive and well and it's thriving in todays economy where people are starting to work from home and look for other ways to make money beyond conventional means.

My name is Tyler Davis and I run the bum marketing blog. I started marketing on the internet as a way to make money out of college because there weren't a lot of options for someone with an agricultural degree in Miami where I was living at the time. Now I live full time in Bangkok in an upper level apartment with a nice view of the city which inspires me to continue moving forward and pursuing my dreams. Do you wish you could pursue your dreams? Not everyone has that luxury which is why I'm here to talk to you about Bum Marketing and how it can change your life so that you can begin living on your terms and have the freedom that you desire.

Okay Tyler, get to the point, how is Bum Marketing working in today's world?

In short, Quora. It's the new eZine Articles of 2020. First we had ezines, then we had Yahoo Answers, and now we have the behemoth Quora, which Google seems to always favor. The reason being: Quora has developed its own proprietary algorithm to rank answers, which works similarly to Google‘s PageRank. What that means in basic terms is that anyone who knows the right way to research, or curate content on Quora will be able to game Google's algorithm at their will and bend them to their demands like a little kid playing with playdough.

Before you get the rush most marketers get when they've discovered a new gem like the one I've just shared I want you to realize that this skill takes time to learn. It won't happen over night. There are no over night riches. If you hone this skill and learn the craft from a seasoned master like I have, then chances are you'll be able to make a good living from it that won't wash away over night like most SEO or even paid traffic methods that never seem to last. Bum marketing is one of the oldest methods to make money on the internet, it's been around almost as long as the internet itself. Do some research and you'll discover that bum marketing is perhaps one of the oldest and best internet marketing methods in existence.

Grab yourself a cold one and prepare to immerse yourself in my world as we dive into how Bum Marketing can work for you…

Imagine you had to make money on the internet like your life depended on it. There were no other options. For many today this is the case. Confined to their homes they've come to the internet looking for income. Maybe you're one of these people and you've stumbled upon my blog. Well you're in luck because what I'm about to share will help you transform your wasteful activities into new riches that will improve your way of living forever.

Here's how bum marketing works and why it's so effective: Bum marketing operates on the principles of lifestyle business design, which is the same principle many silicon valley multimillionaire start-up ventures have followed to build large internet businesses that bring passive income. If you solve a problem, or provide a service, then chances are you can get paid for solving that problem or providing that service.

The Secret to Effective Marketing is Problem Solving

What I do, as a bum marketer, is solve other people's problems... Usually by providing them with a solution that earns me a commission. That's the whole thing in a nutshell. The solution I provide makes me a commission when they purchase whatever it is that I wanted them to purchase. The more people that find my solution, the more money I make. We are giving Google what it wants, the people searching for answers are getting what they want and everyone wins!

Why am I willing to share this info?

Most of my money is coming in on auto-pilot these days. I don't spend much of my time posting the way I did when I was first starting out and I don't have to because my passive income business requires relatively little maintenance. The majority of my time is spent training others and building up the day to day operations… Adding more staff or scaling different things that are working, maybe through automation or some new form of AI. If you're involved in internet marketing you know exactly what I mean when I say things are constantly moving forward.

I wanted to share this system because it's nothing new. Others are doing it and there are plenty of people making money from it. Like the original bum marketing there is room for everyone and most likely if you're reading this you're not in my niche. I don't do the marketing online niche other than what I share on my blog and in the resources here and that is for one purpose, to keep bum marketing alive and help anyone who needs an income that has little to no money to get started with something that will actually earn them an honest living if they invest time into the right things.

We're all in this journey together as this is my first blog on the subject and unlike the fly by night marketers you're use to in this space I'll never change my methods because this has been working for years and will never quit working. If it changes my system will continue to product great results because what we are doing is evergreen. This is a lot to take in for a welcome post and I know people will be excited to go on this journey with me so leave a comment below and let's build something great together! I hope you're as excited as I am to help so many of you earn.

Tyler Davis

Tyler Davis is a successful Internet Entrepreneur who started his own lifestyle business after finishing college and reading the book Click Millionaires. He is editor and chief of this blog. Today he manages projects on his own and for clients while providing training to students looking to learn his methods.

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