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Tyler Davis is a successful Internet Entrepreneur who started his own lifestyle business after finishing college and reading the book Click Millionaires. He is editor and chief of this blog. Today he manages projects on his own and for clients while providing training to students looking to learn his methods.

Making Easy Money with Surveys

In the western world we don’t typically think of filling out surveys as a way to generate a consistent income. However in many countries like Africa filling out surveys is a common way of producing enough weekly income to live off and to live comfortably at that. Can we live off of survey income in […]


Welcome to Bum Marketing Blog

I am your host, the bum marketer. Today I’m going to introduce you to something that I’ve been living off of, or maybe you should say, making a living off of, for quite some time now. It’s called Bum Marketing. And while some have claimed Bum Marketing is dead, I can assure you that it […]